I don't know if you live in the South or not, but the heat is PERVASIVE.  You know what else it is?  Perverse.  This heat is PERVERSE.

In preparation for the coming lack of cool weather, I'm fantasizing about how I'd like to Autumn-ize accordingly.

what to wear for fall in the south, style layout

Fall details that add "warmth" rather than warmth  +  Climate appropriate actual clothing in subdued tones 
ChloĆ© dress  /  Givenchy shoes  /  Z Spoke by Zac Posen bag  /  Juicy Couture bracelet  /  Iman lipstick  


eclectic preppy style craving with pops of color

These are the things I'm craving.  Color and structure that blend Summer into Fall.  But I'm kidding myself if I think I'm really going to wear a scarf in South Carolina before January.

An airy skull print scarf, googly glasses, and an architectural knob of jewelry twist the preppy elements into something rather artful and nonchalant. 

Mango tie dye shirt  /  Zara shoes  /  Dannijo Jewelry  /  Alexander McQueen iPad case  & scarf  


Anything But Vanilla

My favorite color is grey, but beige comes in second place.  
No!  It isn't boring!  It isn't an empty canvas waiting to be filled.  It is the main event sometimes.  That's the beauty of it.  Stop trying to do things to it.  Just let it be beige.  Glorious beige.  
That A.P.C shift dress?  Yes, it's really just a big expanse of non-colored rectangle.  I like to refer to it as modern and understated.  I've paired it with a few notably whimsical elements that add just the right amount of feminine decoration to enhance it's beigeness.  A dash of glitter across the shoes.  A couple of immortalized gold cicadas.  A little square purse to echo the shape of the tunic, trimmed with gold.  And I couldn't resist the skulls. 
There's nothing more alluring than a woman outfitted in something feminine, and sprinkled with subtle traces of mortality.  You just can't pin her down.  The effect is generally inviting, but on closer examination - a complete mystery. 

A.P.C. Silk Dress / Maison Martin Margiela Leather Boots / Christian Louboutin Heels / Z Spoke by Zac Posen Patent Leather Clutch /  Alexander McQueen Scarf & Ring / Stella McCartney Sunglasses


Popsicle Hues

I won't lie: The world of colorful dressing can be perplexing.  It isn't always formulaic.
I used to wear a self-imposed uniform of black, myself.  I have always envied those women who were able to master color effortlessly.

The most important thing everyone should learn early about cultivating your own sense of style is to give up your certainty that some things just don't go together. You must try it on and see all of the elements working as one.  You can't imagine.  Throw your imagination out the window.  No pictures, paper dolls, or what-have-yous.  Nothing comes close to actually trying something on and literally seeing what happens.

BUT, A Few Guidelines Might be Handy... 
1  //  Balance colors and shapes.  If the colors are bright, keep the silhouettes simple and classic.  If you go crazy in one area, you must stay tame in another.  
2  //  NO Polyester.  Bright things can look cheap more easily than neutrals.  Stick with natural fibers like silk, cotton, cashmere, or rayon.  Yes, I consider rayon a natural fiber since it's made from wood pulp.
3  //   Keep bright colors within a similar range of intensity OR within a similar hue, i.e. tertiary colors, in which case the intensity (brightness and darkness) may vary.
4  //  Give yourself a quick and painless study of basic Color Theory.  

You might also like to have a go at Color Scheme Designer, to get some ideas of where to start in your own wardrobe. 

Good Luck!

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