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Porcelain Jewelry by Andres Gallardo |

Necklace with porcelain horses by Andres Gallardo |

Necklace with porcelain rabbits by Andres Gallardo |

Necklace with porcelain horse and elephant by Andres Gallardo |

Porcelain Lion Necklace by Andres Gallardo |

Are you speechless yet?

So generally speaking, I'm not a big jewelry person (hang on don't slap me yet).  I find that the vast majority of jewelry available, even by high end designer brands, is pretty boring.  Apart from a few classic, simple pieces for every day - thin gold bangles, a slender pendant necklace, etc - jewelry should be carefully edited, and pack a significant, relevant punch.   

Enter the new tzar of statement jewelry: Andres Gallardo.  Whatever this guy is drinking, I'll have what he's having.   

Not only is his aesthetic right up my alley (porcelain, flora, fauna, feminine, and cleverly absurd), his pieces are hand crafted in small batches using found porcelain objects. Prices start at an extraordinarily affordable $100 and run up to around $650.   

Plunder more Andres Gallardo whimsies here:  Website  /  Shop  /  Blog  /  my personal fave, "Broken Horse" necklace


  1. Um eff yes I'm speechless! I am obsessed with animals and have no problem sporting them around my neck :) Such a cool line! xoxo

  2. So inspiring!!!

    Take Care, Aimee


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