Fresh Color : Neo Prep!

Neo-preppy style with pretty prints and shades

Just a petite roundup of pretty things in fresh shades and simple shapes; Perfectly Neo-Preppy accessories for the last month of summer.  (I'm kinda sad already, but also looking forward to a season sans bugs)

Favorite picks for this week...  

/  1  /  Samudra's Canvas Tulum Wave Pouch, $65 because, girl,  the beach looks so good on you.  /  2  /  Tatty Devine's Butterfly Necklace, $56 is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen - never been a fan of plastic jewelry... until right now.   /  3  /  Always on the lookout for a unique, feminine (and affordable!) watch.  Cold Picnic's Leather Icona-Pop Watch in Yellow, $50 totally fits the bill.  /  4  /  I'll admit, I haven't tried  Byredo's Palermo Eau de Parfum, about $126 (€95) but the packaging is so divine, and I love a perfume with notes of citrus.  /  5  /  What's better than a sweet fruit or floral print?  Dolce & Gabbana's Fruits & Florals Scarf, $495 of course!  /  6  /  Last, but never least, the ultimate steal: Zara's Pointed Ballet Flats with Ankle Strap, $40 are a simple, chic twist on the everyday ballet flat, and guaranteed to go with everything. layout created with polyvore 

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  1. your blog is so pretty and also your works! i'm so glad i found your blog :)


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