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Whoa!  I can't believe it's almost August.  Forgive me for the sporadic posts this month?  I've been working on several design projects, including this portfolio website for a client, a complete re-design of my Rive Gauche Craft blog, massive tweaking of my  illustration & design studio website (design tweaks and making room for recent projects), and plenty more.

I've been pretty stressed lately (entrepreneurship is basically a massive can of worms), so today I took a much needed break from all work.  It was really hard to do, believe it or not.  But it was great to spend the whole day with  my man... embroidering. (!)  I taught him how to do a couple of basic stitches, and we each made a little something to frame for the walls- his is a favorite math equation (so nerdy!)  and mine reads "Go Away" in fancy curly pink lettering.  Photos?  Perhaps; I hate to make this story glum again, but its actually been raining for the past few weeks around here, and I haven't had enough light coming through the windows for photography.  Poo.  Yes, I said poo.  

On a much lighter note, I'm psyched to announce that StyleMachine was featured on the very fab Pugly Pixel's "Launched" Series this weekend!  Also, check out Rive Gauche Craft on the Pugly Pixel blog/web designer directory.  (Awesome!)

P.S.  If you're a blogger or web design lover and you haven't had the glorious aesthetic experience and wealth of resources that is the Pugly Pixel blog, let's change that.    

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