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Is it just me, or do bohemian style interiors seem so much harder to replicate in your own space at home?

One of my personal on-going projects is the arrangement of my apartment.  While it's generally the sort of project I devour with gusto, I've often found it frustratingly tricky to create this kind of eclectic look and still maintain a sense of order.

Maybe it's just a personal peeve of mine (doubtful), but even though I crave a space filled with wonder and curiosity, I seriously need a space that's organized and free of clutter-y distractions.

That's what makes this whole bohemian-modern thing so perplexing (and alluring).  It offers a richly lived-in and well-loved vibe, and for the masterful few, a calming sense of unobtrusive order.

For the rest of us, I've pulled together a few common denominators, derived from careful observations of the best of the best (see sources below).  Look out Kelly Wearstler, I've made us mortals a cheat sheet!

A Cheat Sheet for Bohemian Modern Decorating via

Instead of talking specifics (i.e. "this lamp" or "that rug"), I've divided everything into key elements... color, texture, and pattern, and given quick explanations for why and how certain details can be used together.  Understanding the basics is half the battle, no?

Hopefully, you can use this guide to take a look at what you already have in your decor arsenal at home to see what fits the bill.  The next step is mixing old (playful vintage charm) and new (sleek, modern, and effortless).

Be sure to make use of these:

•  thrift stores - Oh the endless retro tchotchkes!  And be on the lookout for things that can be transformed with a simple coat of paint

•  patterned fabrics - perfect for "customizing" the look - pillow covers, and even curtains are a cinch to sew

•  Grandma's vintage hand-me-downs

•  DIY's - but only the ones that end up looking like something that would fit right in at Anthropologie.  No "loving hands at home", in the words of my fashion illustration professor.  You know what I mean.

•  Anthropologie - my favorite shop for beautiful/retro home goods.

•  Target - inexpensive and full of sleek/modern options for the home (*ahem* Nate Berkus )   But be wary of anything too campy or dormitory-esque.

•  Ikea - The Swedes have quite a handle on modern and minimal

Finally, gorge your eyes on inspiration from a few of the very best...

/  1. Furniture Workshop Co-Op founders Poppy Lane & Scott Gibson's Melbourne home via The Design Files, photo by Sean Fennessy, styled by Lucy Feagins  /  2.  blogger guru & designer Bri Emery's home via Design Love Fest  / 3. artist Mary Nelson Sinclair's New York City apartment via Lonny  /  4.  Swedish designer Lisa Marie Andersson's home via Mackapar (visit Lisa's adorable dress shop, Up the Wooden Hills)


  1. Such a fantastic post! This is basically what I'm going for in my home too and it's so difficult to replicate! I love your cheat sheet and these images! So glad to have found your blog!!

    1. Thanks love! I basically made the cheat sheet was either that, or pull my hair out!


  2. Love interior deco! Thanks for sharing! <3

    Take Care, Aimee

  3. Yesss... you nailed it!
    I just had people over a few weeks ago and was suddenly made very aware of the dire state of my interior decoration...
    I've lived with one boyfriend or another my entire adult life (until now) and almost all of the furniture in my apartment are things that I inherited from my ex when he left. I've always moved into someone else's space and had to work with the things they already had.
    I realized that I had no real sense of my own style! So, I hopped on Pinterest and just started pinning everything that I liked on a gut level... and commented with what I liked about it. It turns out what I like are:
    - Lots of color: bright pops of color, rich dark colors, and lot's of bright white to keep things light and airy.
    - Lots of textures and materials: metals, velvets, shiny, patina, bright and flawless, weathered and old.
    - Lots of patterns
    - Natural and Organic structures, materials and arrangements: curves, waves, clouds, branches, feathers, fur, leather, plants
    - rustic repurposed wood
    - things that are common treated in a way that makes them uncommon (painted in a unique way for example)
    - very cushy, floppable surfaces like oversized couches with feather cushions, and floor pillows.

    Then... after all that research I stumble upon your fabulous cheat sheet! LOVE IT! You have totally summed it up for me :) Thanks!

    1. Awesome! Isn't it wonderful to finally discover your personal style? I'm glad you found the cheat sheet helpful. Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

      (P.S. I've got a bunch more interior decorating tips and guides coming, so stay tuned)



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