Jazzy Goods for Dear Ol' Dad

A Jazzy Card for Father's Day - "Dear Ol' Dad" / "The Coolest Cat of Them All"

Ahoy there!  Father's Day is June 16th!  Here's to all the coolest, suave-est, badass-est dads out there... a brand new illustrated card and coordinating gifts from Rive Gauche Craft.

For this year's card, I took a bit of inspiration from that era of the most handsome dudes of all...the Jazz Age.  This classy daddy-o cat sports a mustache, pipe, and a modern take on the pinstripe suit (more of a Basque horizontal stripe - equally fab, if you ask me) topped off with a bright summer flower in his breast pocket.  

The inside reads: "The coolest cat of them all".  

shop   ///   the card, $3.80   ///   the collection   ///  order by June 6 to ensure delivery by Father's Day!

Thoughts for Style | Miuccia Prada

Fashion Quote  |  Miuccia Prada on Aging in Style

A favorite sentiment from a favorite icon, and a gal with killer style (captured on the street by none other than Tommy Ton).  Editor Julia Sarr-Jamois is a massive risk taker - I mean, those shoes!  And one of my most seriously inspiring girl crushes.

Ensemble: Florals & Stripes

How to wear florals, stripes, and spring-y color

Does the floral & stripes combo ever get old?  I'm starting to think this look has some real classic potential.   
Add splashes of punchy color with a mint bag and vermilion shoes (the understated shapes keep this ensemble chic, instead of discombobulated), and top it off with a tiny pastel charm necklace for a dash of playfulness.  This little Ted Baker ice cream cone is juuust grown up enough to get away with, by virtue of the thin gold chain, innocuous size, and limited pastel surface area.    
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Most Wanted | Spring-y Rings Under $100 !

the prettiest rings for spring, under $100

A few favorite (affordable!) spring-y baubles from across the web, complete with flowers, nautical stripes, scallops, and woodland critters.  It'll soon be getting too hot out to wear much else, so I say accessorize with substance. 
1. lotus flower ring by ara, $49    2. nach porcelain blue bird ring, $103  (oops!  got a little carried away here)    3. kate spade enamel and gold scallop ring, $38    4. kate spade white and navy stripe ring, $78    5. merry go-round porcelain deer ring, $98
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Style 101 | Bohemian Mix

How to wear summery bohemian prints, patterns, textures, embroidery, and tassels
Is there a formula to Bohemian dressing?  One might think not, as this style seems rather intuitive and impulsive (or slapdash - as my sister might say). 

For those of us with a hankering for eclectic pattern and print, but without the know-how, I say there is indeed a formula!  The real key to making this look work is balance.  You know, give-and-take.  With this look, pattern takes, so everything else must give.   

Style Guide  |  Bohemian Dressing

1.  Go wild with pattern  /  print  /  texture / vintage elements.  This includes embroidery, beading, eyelet, raffia, leather, flora & fauna motifs, you name it.

2.  Simple silhouettes only!  Patterns are high-energy elements, so keep everything else about this ensemble low-energy. The top in my ensemble is a basic tee shape, and the shorts are crisply tailored.  This keeps the patterned elements just wacky enough to be cool and eclectic instead of wacky-bizarre.   The fastest way to send this look down the toilet would be with too many frills or too much volume.  

3.  Keep color saturation low.  Balance clashing patterns by keeping colors mostly muted.  

4.  Restrict your color palette.  Choose just a couple of main colors for your look, so that they don't compete with the mix of patterns.  My main colors are blue and orange/red - they range between navy, royal blue, aqua, tangerine, vermilion, and light peach.    

5.  Invigorate the look by adding just one or two pops of bright color.  A bit of bright tangerine at the ears, balanced by a petite dash of vermilion red across the feet keeps this ensemble from getting too muddy.  The look ends up both playful and modern.

6.  Finishing Touches?  All you need is a fresh face and a sheer lip balm.    

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Style Notes | The Bright Lip

How the most fashionable women wear bright red lips.  Take Notes!

product roundup - the best bright red lipsticks NOW

A lesson on bright red lips from the coolest girls around;  A darling, daring statement that seamlessly works with any style, and every skin tone.  Plus, the little tubes are pretty enough to brighten your day just a tad on their own.  More ideas on how to wear bright lips here.   
Here's an honest confession, gals: if you are wearing bright red/orange lips and I pass by you, I will have a girl-crush on you immediately.  This is, after all, how I met one of my favorite friends in New York.  She's witty as hell, and a massive sartorial inspiration.   

photos via  /  rainbow wildfox  /  we the people  /  wit & delight tumblr  /  refinery29  

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