Style Notes | The Bright Lip

How the most fashionable women wear bright red lips.  Take Notes!

product roundup - the best bright red lipsticks NOW

A lesson on bright red lips from the coolest girls around;  A darling, daring statement that seamlessly works with any style, and every skin tone.  Plus, the little tubes are pretty enough to brighten your day just a tad on their own.  More ideas on how to wear bright lips here.   
Here's an honest confession, gals: if you are wearing bright red/orange lips and I pass by you, I will have a girl-crush on you immediately.  This is, after all, how I met one of my favorite friends in New York.  She's witty as hell, and a massive sartorial inspiration.   

photos via  /  rainbow wildfox  /  we the people  /  wit & delight tumblr  /  refinery29  

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  1. Red is so in right now. You displayed it well. I have to say, I enjoy the clean look of your blog. Very enjoyable.


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