Wear It | The Boyfriend Jean

Slouchy distressed denim chic street style

This is one of those tricky styles that seems like it was invented for only the coolest gals.   
How do you wear the "boyfriend" jean without looking mom-ish?  The biggest secret to pulling this off is confidence.  And no, you can't buy that.  The good news is that confidence is one of those "fake it till you make it" type things.   
Here's my favorite way to wear the look:

how to style a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans with leather, printed blouse, heels

 -    My Guidelines    -   How to Style Slouchy BF Jeans

1.  Keep it simple.  
2.  The top should be slightly loose- not overly fitted, and not voluminous. 
3.  Maximize on clean lines and minimalism to keep the slouchiness balanced.   
4.  When in doubt, pair with black. 
5.  Leather makes these jeans more badass, and erases all notions of hippies and moms. 
6.  No horizontal stripes.  Period. 
7.  Keep the cuffs rolled up just past the ankle.  (Keeps you from looking swallowed up in a giant denim tarp / places emphasis on the fact that you do have legs) 
8.  Have fun with the shoes!  Almost anything goes.

marni printed button down, $740  /  allsaints biker jacket, $668  /  sass & bide boyfriend jean, $270  / alexander wang bag, $860  /  zara heels, $90  /  photo (top) via the sartorialist   /  layout made with polyvore 

Side Note... While we're (back) on the subject of denim, I posted about one of my fave looks - the infamous Canadian Tuxedo - the other week, and this is verbatim what my hilarious sister (isn't she a peach?) had to say: 

"OH GAWD no Hunney that just looks AWFUL like the poor thing got LOST in the CLEARANCE section of GOODWILL."  

Y o u r   T u r n .
 Have you given these a whirl?  What's your favorite way to wear them?      


  1. I absolutely love the boyfriend jean look. My problem is I've never found the perfect pair, but I think I'm going to save one day over the week to just go boyfriend-jean hunting. I have had enough! They're just perfect for that casual chic look I've been striving to get, so my mission is on.


  2. I dont own any boyfriend jeans cause I never know if i can pull them off. Seems like one of those things as you said are only for the coolest girls, but with your tips in my arsenal I might have to keep an eye out for some

    - Tara x

  3. Love your blog!

    http://fashionenvious.blogspot.pt/ xx

  4. I'm not a really big fan of pants and how they look on me in general, but I've always admired girls who could pull off bf jeans! And your way of wearing them is awesome + thanks for the tips!

  5. I love this post sweety, really inspiring. I think I'm also have to show my boyfriend jeans!


  6. Great tips, this is a hard style to wear if you're not stick thin. Ran across your blog & am now following, follow me too if you wish:



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