Style Swipe No. 04 | Margiela vs. Asos

get the look for less: double gold cuffs, luxury and affordable versions

get the look for less: luxury jewelry versus thrifty style

What's better than a gold cuff on on your wrist?  How about a gold cuff on each wrist?  Work your urban Amazon mojo with this pair by Asos.  (They come in packs of two for a non-horrifying $25.)    More ideas on how to double up, you know - xena warrior princess style :  one  /  two  /  three 
Here's to a petite dose of realism in a world of aspiration.  Let the real people have cake too!

the cuffs  /  maison martin margiela  /  asos 

photo via styledigger  /  layout made with polyvore


  1. I love this cuff! thanks for finding it for a better price!

  2. Margiela is such a great designer but I can't buy it haha! It's too expensive! I love cuff bracelets. I wear them everyday.. The Asos ones are really pretty! Thanks for finding them!


  3. Love the double cuff action. Thanks for the wallet-friendly tip, lady!

  4. Oh wow, the Asos ones are super nice and affordable compared to Margiela! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    Lots of love,


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