Wear It | The Boyfriend Jean

Slouchy distressed denim chic street style

This is one of those tricky styles that seems like it was invented for only the coolest gals.   
How do you wear the "boyfriend" jean without looking mom-ish?  The biggest secret to pulling this off is confidence.  And no, you can't buy that.  The good news is that confidence is one of those "fake it till you make it" type things.   
Here's my favorite way to wear the look:

how to style a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans with leather, printed blouse, heels

 -    My Guidelines    -   How to Style Slouchy BF Jeans

1.  Keep it simple.  
2.  The top should be slightly loose- not overly fitted, and not voluminous. 
3.  Maximize on clean lines and minimalism to keep the slouchiness balanced.   
4.  When in doubt, pair with black. 
5.  Leather makes these jeans more badass, and erases all notions of hippies and moms. 
6.  No horizontal stripes.  Period. 
7.  Keep the cuffs rolled up just past the ankle.  (Keeps you from looking swallowed up in a giant denim tarp / places emphasis on the fact that you do have legs) 
8.  Have fun with the shoes!  Almost anything goes.

marni printed button down, $740  /  allsaints biker jacket, $668  /  sass & bide boyfriend jean, $270  / alexander wang bag, $860  /  zara heels, $90  /  photo (top) via the sartorialist   /  layout made with polyvore 

Side Note... While we're (back) on the subject of denim, I posted about one of my fave looks - the infamous Canadian Tuxedo - the other week, and this is verbatim what my hilarious sister (isn't she a peach?) had to say: 

"OH GAWD no Hunney that just looks AWFUL like the poor thing got LOST in the CLEARANCE section of GOODWILL."  

Y o u r   T u r n .
 Have you given these a whirl?  What's your favorite way to wear them?      

Thoughts For Style | People Will Stare

make it worth their while, fashion quote by harry winston, individuality, be unique

Here's to the gals with the chutzpah to throw caution to the wind.   
So take that, Monday. 

photo by tommy ton, fashion editor joanna hillman via harper's bazaar

Most Wanted | A Sleep-In Weekend

stylish fashion luxuries for the best weekend ever

Huzzah!  It's Friday!

Is anyone else craving a decadent sleep-in weekend?

Kate Moss's royal baditude sets the mood for my kind of lazy Saturday, photographed by Juergen Teller, via the face of london. I've been lusting after this sorbet colored Araks camisole and shorts lounge set since forever.  And Alexander McQueen's glittery skull emblazoned slippers are so outrageously over the top in orange - and (bewilderingly) completely desirable.   
Finally, there's no better way to start a weekend than with a handsome mug of coffee and a gorgeous book filled with curiously decorated wonderland-esque homes.  The Karen Elson mug is of my personal favorite items from my boutique - she is, after all, a king of stylish badass-ery.  I bought "Flea Market Style" a couple of years ago, and it will forever be a (highly recommended) favorite.  

P.S. Have you seen StyleMachine's new facebook page?  (I've done a bit of brand re-arranging.) Give it a like to get the latest posts and fabulosity in your feed.   You know you want to fling shoes with me.


Color Lust | Ultramarine

spring color fashion trend, inspired by the Greek isles and mediterranean blue

deep cobalt blue fashion finds for spring

I won't pretend that I love the beach, but i could sure go for a trip to the Greek isles.  There's just something wonderous about that intense ultramarine and those shades of cobalt blue dotted all over an urban-ish landscape.  And how dreamy is that one-piece swim suit? 
Oh, you know.  Just another color craving.    

inspiration images (top)  bodhisattva print illustration via paint my world rainbow  /  photos available as prints via  /  parrish house photos  /  gray tabby cat  /  whitney anderson photography

Announcement | Blog (Re) Opening!

fashion illustration, new design and art blog opening

After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to implement a few branding changes to both StyleMachine and my illustration and design label, Rive Gauche Craft.  My goal is to present each brand in a more focused way, by giving them individually tailored online environments.   
Basically, I felt like things were getting just a tad jumbled.  I'd like to keep StyleMachine centered more closely around fashion, design, and personal style, while giving Rive Gauche Craft more of a voice from it's own platform.   
Going forward, I'll be posting my latest illustrations, designs, and RGC news at the new blog over here.  You can also follow the posts with bloglovin'.   
Don't Forget Facebook:  Previously, I used just one facebook fan page for both StyleMachine and RGC - which always sort of disgruntled me (organization monster right here).  After some tinkering with photoshop and with the help of Breanna Rose's app tutorial, I present to you a freshly revamped facebook page for Rive Gauche Craft and a brand new page for StyleMachine.   
Be sure to "like" them both, as they will feature completely different material. (Pssst...the RGC page will occasionally feature sale alerts and exclusive promo codes!)

A petite wrap-up: 


Yes We Can | Denim On Denim

street style how to wear denim head to toe effortless style

Denim on denim is one of my favorite looks for any season.  Yes, I said it: any season.  Maybe I like it so much because it seems like such a faux pas, and I enjoy challenging the perceptions of passersby.  It's especially fun to play this game in non-fashion towns, like the one where I live. 
My favorite ways to style this look: with leather and neutrals for a bohemian sort of nonchalance, or with a bright shoe and a red lip.

how to style denim on denim with color or neutrals

Keep it Easy  ///  maison martin margiela snake effect shoulder bag, $1,995  /  ottoman hands labradorite ring, $75  /  topshop gladiator platforms, $140   

photos  /  1 vanessa jackman  /  2 the sartorialist  /  3 fashion limousine   /  layout made with polyvore

Style Swipe No. 04 | Margiela vs. Asos

get the look for less: double gold cuffs, luxury and affordable versions

get the look for less: luxury jewelry versus thrifty style

What's better than a gold cuff on on your wrist?  How about a gold cuff on each wrist?  Work your urban Amazon mojo with this pair by Asos.  (They come in packs of two for a non-horrifying $25.)    More ideas on how to double up, you know - xena warrior princess style :  one  /  two  /  three 
Here's to a petite dose of realism in a world of aspiration.  Let the real people have cake too!

the cuffs  /  maison martin margiela  /  asos 

photo via styledigger  /  layout made with polyvore

Thoughts for Style | Amy Poehler

style quote power in looking silly and not caring

A simple thought for a Monday.   Stay inspired, and don't let the bastards grind you down. !
In other news, please pop over to Emphatically Elle today to see a handsome blog and an effervescent gal.  Fellow fashionista and cat lover Elizabeth has featured a bit of my work.  I'm pleased as punch!  Especially since her blog is one of my latest discoveries and newest daily reads.
photo via honestly...wtf 

Rive Gauche Craft | New Spring Cats

botanical and tropical cat stationery collection for spring and summer

Whoa, this week has been hectic, hasn't it?  Or maybe every week is hectic, and I just have the memory of a goldfish.  (I hear they forget everything every five minutes - how exciting!) 
This is one of the projects I've been working on for the boutique- a new collection of Spring fancies for the home and office, featuring a sweet and mischievous new little cat who plunders all sorts of neighborhood botanical wonderlands.  See the full "Orange Tree Cat" and "Chrysanthemum Garden Cat" collections.  
As I move forward and continue to find my footing in the Rive Gauche Craft boutique, I'll be focusing more on stationery and paper products, and less on home products.  BUT!  I'm keeping a few items such as - mugs, tote bags, iphone cases, etc because they're just too pretty, and they make such lovely gifts.  A few things currently on the drawing board: organizational products (like labels, binders, notepads) mother's day & father's day cards, birthday cards, invitations, announcements, and wedding suites! 
1 /  party invites, $18 for set of 10  / 2 /  stationery, $10.50 for set of 10  / 3 /  xl notepad, $12.95  / 4 /  chrysanthemums note card, $3.15  / 5 /  orange tree note card, $3.15

See the full collections:

Style Swipe No. 03 | Phillip Lim vs. Zara

black leather strappy sandal from phillip lim runway spring 2013, get the look for less

The moment I saw these villain-esque sandals from the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway, I knew I was a goner.  I mean, did anyone see these shoes and not lick their computer screen?  But yeesh, the price of luxury! 
Once again, Zara swoops in to calm our little palpitating hearts, and drain our little pockets.  The stylish pauper's hero.

runway photo via style.com
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