A little strange, a little whimsical, a little granny.  Cat ladies.  There's nothing quite like them.     
I'll be the first to admit, I'm crazy about my cat.  And granny sweaters.  Vintage thingies.  Awkward proportions.  Lipstick that is literally shaped like a cat wearing a porkpie hat.  Cats on my feet.  Cat portraits on the mantle. 
I take my cat for walks. Well, I do the walking while she rides in a basket under my arm.  And when she's bad, I shout in a loud Italian-Russian hybrid accent that I will make a pair of gloves out of her. (Not entirely sure where/when that bit originated).
And now I reveal my secret indulgence.  I love the Cat-Who books.  The ones by Lilian Jackson Braun.  They feature two crime-solving kitties : Koko and YumYum.  I don't make this up. And a newspaper reporter with a mustache.  And typewriters.  No cell phones.  No computers.  Good old fashioned kitsch.

But don't let me out-shine the original Cat Lady:
kooky cat lady style


Wildfox Couture Cat Sweater  /  Charlotte Olympia Cat Shoes  /  Chloe Clutch  /  Paul & Joe Lipstick  /  Ibride Irina Cat Tray  /  Smallable Cat Tee Shirt  
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