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I guess there's not really any such thing as an "ugly sweater" anymore, since ugly became cool.

I'm going with these as favorites because they're just super.......sweater-y.  You know what I mean?  Either they have something big and hokey smack on the front of them, or they came right out of a log cabin. 


You've probably got all of your Thanksgiving affairs planned and underway, but just in are a few last minute inspirations.

From Traditional to whimsical table settings

As much as I enjoy Norman Rockwell's painting style, his traditional table setting leaves a bit to be desired.  I love the idea of taking inspiration from this bright and whimsical tablescape (via Style Me Pretty).  Okay, originally this was for a wedding, but do those golden pigs not lend a certain dose of hilarity and downright appropriateness to the FEAST of the year?  Thank you.  You're welcome.

Here's a secret: You can buy a package of plastic farm animals and gold spray paint from any dollar store.  Really, any of them.  It takes only a few minutes to paint the little guys, and only a few more to dry enough to set them on a table.

How about a few more inspiring table adornments?

These are some of my favorites from across the web.  I guess my personal default decor strategy is "When in need of something instantly fancy, paint it gold.  Or white."     

Top  /  Painted pumpkin DIY centerpieces via Chatelaine  /  DIY Walnut place card holders via Martha Stewart  /  Bottom  /  DIY Gold turkey place card holders via The Sweetest Occasion  /  Shop felted acorns by Fairyfolk on Etsy  

I'm sure you have your menu planned out (and I'm not really one for cooking) so I'm offering these tasty ideas instead.  Drinks?  I can do that.  Jazzed up leftovers?  I can do that, too.

So, this "Tipsy Turkey"cocktail.  Sounds suspicious, looks...divine.   Among the ingredients are bourbon, maple syrup, and roasted pumpkin cubes.  I'm salivating like it's my job.  Recipe & photo via

Pumpkin. Pie. Milkshake. (Ohmigod) With. PIECRUST. in it.  Somebody scrape me off the floor?  Then make me another one.  Recipe & photo via A Cozy Kitchen.

Discover clever ways to re-arrange your feast leftovers into scrumptious post-feast feasts.  Recipes & photo via SouthernLiving.

And finally...

This is one of the most important parts of any gathering.  Thank the host(-ess) with something useful, pretty, and classic.  These can all be found for under $40.

My personal favorite?  That PB&J Apron.  Because it's modern and charming (and emblazoned with my own illustration !).  Purchase it from my Boutique.

Happy Thanksgiving.

That. Is a Crazy Ass Bag.

I saw this bag and went 'EW!".

the craziest ugly bag I've ever seen

And then I had a revelation...

how to transform ugly into cool with neon and gold

Snakeskin is a horror unto itself, even without Dolce & Gabbana's ever-so-thoughtful color vomit.  And yet...

And yet ... I have come around.  Suddenly, it's just another dash of exuberant color.  A god-awful eyesore that becomes a fashionista's tongue in cheek, stylish humor when paired with carefully curated items.  This is definitely something the infamous Man Repeller could get behind.

Final Conclusion?  I would wear it.  In a heartbeat.

Color Lust | Acidic Euphoria

I find the color and texture in artist Brittany Bass's paintings so inspiring.  Not only does her work soothe my optic nerves, it also seems to invigorate my sense of cheer.

Thus, my sartorial take on Bass's simultaneously gentle and lively painting "Abstract III".

stylish outfit with patent leather skirt and marni shoes

Nude classics get an energetic injection of deliriously happy, intoxicating charm via bright (if not other-wordly) accessories.  I'm enchanted like a little girl with a brand new fluffy kitten. 

I didn't want to skimp on aesthetic pleasure in this post, so here are a few more of my favorite paintings from this artist.  

fashion and style inspiration, bright geometric art

You can find prints of these works, and lots more of Bass's lovely things in her online shops via Etsy and Bigcartel.

You're welcome. 

Bohemian Style Interior with "Happiness"

I couldn't resist.  Forgive me for shamelessly styling an interior design inspiration board around one of my own paintings?

Bohemian Style with Rive Gauche Craft

I love how cheery and quirky it is when paired with rich teals, velvet, and shiny lacquered sky blue items.  Its sort of romantic and fresh at the same time, with Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements.    

You can purchase a print or giclee version of "Nude Wearing Stag Beetles" (a.k.a. "Happiness") in my online print shop.

Candy Reds for Fall

Rich Cranberry and Candy Apple Reds really get me in the mood for chilly weather with a dash of whimsy.  The thick grey sweater by VPL makes it suuuuuuuper cozy...on top of an already easy, swingy floor length skirt.  Proenza Schouler cranberry booties seal the deal.   (And I couldn't leave out my obsession...THAT Prada clutch.)

Furthermore, wintery raw wood and folksy bright patterns transform even the coldest of days into something to look forward to.

My Cold Weather Survival Kit:

1. Kiehl's Creme de Corps - the ultimate, delectably rich, skin saving cream.  I would be horrendously scaly (both in appearance and attitude) without it.

2.  A Cozy Blanket - Sonia Rykiel's regal red tasseled throw would be perfect to cuddle up with on a chilly day.

3.  An Oversized Sweater - Add Stella McCartney's kooky cabin-esque sweater for an extra luxe indulgence

4.  Hot Chocolate! - A cheerily patterned mug of homemade hot chocolate can go a looooong way.

Home Decor / I enjoy a dazzling feast of glitter as much as the next girl.  However, for general holiday decorum I'd be delighted to get festive with items like this spare wooden polar bear box by Karl Zahn.  There's nothing more wintery than a polar bear, and nothing more refreshing than minimalist, unvarnished wood...particularly in the midst of the usual unbridled opulence.  These branchy tapered candle holders and woven basket add just the right amount of log-cabin charm.

The Print Shop is Now Open!

So excited to say that I've finally got something up for sale!

This is one of my most popular paintings, "Happiness", now available in 3 different sizes of super high quality prints in my Society6 shop.  Yay!

woman with stag beetles illustration
"Happiness" oil on canvas by Katherine Elliott

The original painting in oil is also available for sale.  For details, contact me!

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