Style Swipe No. 02

Rejoice!  It's part 02 of the new Style Swipe series, where I show you how to cheat deliciously at fashion.

leather tote bag get the look for less

If you're going to splurge on anything, make it something you can wear for eons.  Like a simple leather tote.  Natural leather is always in style, whether you're a hippie, hipster, yuppie, grandma, badass, or prep.  But unless you're in the 1%, there's no need to sever your arm for a thousand dollar Ralph Lauren bag when Zara makes an equally handsome version for 90% less.

As far as quality goes, I've personally bought a couple of my favorite leather bags from Zara, and so far they've held up beautifully against the abuse I've inflicted on them over the years.  No telling yet whether I'll be able to pass them down to my grandkids - I'll give you an update in 40 years.

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