In the Mood for Vibrance

Pinks, florals, orange, neon, geometric, fluo in the spirit of spring
Not to rub it in or anything, but I officially packed my winter wardrobe into storage this morning.  Calm down - I also live in the most glamorous town in the world.  The one thing to look forward to above all else in South Carolina is the end of a short, mild winter.   
In the spirit of early spring, I'm inspired by these wonderfully vibrant, well edited colors and sweet motifs.  I'm sure I'll be sick of neons again by next week - it's an endless cycle, isn't it?  But for now, I'm wallowing in it.   
As I said to my handsome man yesterday (who comes from a family of dudes), I'm thoroughly happy to be a girl.  I'll gladly eat asparagus with my fingers or spear a whole steak with a knife, but I'd be a bit of an ogre without the whimsical delights of florals, nail polish, dabs of pink, and the occasional lipstick.    

style // floral print by my latest illustrator-girl-crush moniquilla, superimposed onto the april 2011 cover of vogue nippon, via the fashion dealer  // design // product branding for bonnard, a french style confectionary shop from mexico, by anagrama // beauty // fuchsia lips via glitter guide's tumblr, geometric neon nails tutorial via swellmayde // art // "flemish cat in a ruff" illustration by yours truly (!) available in the print shop and on home products and wearables in the boutique // edibles // floral ice cubes recipe and photo by edina ronay, roasted root vegetables recipe and photo by la tartine gourmande   
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  1. Your posts are always so inspirational! Thank you <3


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