The Cat Lady Strikes Again

It's hardly a secret; I'm a cat lady in the making.  Apart from having one, I also paint them, design them, and pin them like they're going out of style.  Cats are pretty much my equivalent to crack.

vintage photo stylish women walking cats

How awesome are these old school gals?  All lined up down a Hollywood street with their matching cats, dressed to the nines at a casting for black cats in 1961.  
Photos from Life Magazine via OddStuff

Stylish finds with adorably cute cats

I suspect Consuelo Castiglioni, of the glorious Italian label, Marni, is a cat lady.  I go nuts when luxury designers incorporate fuzzy felines into their work, particularly when illustrated in a sketchy, crazed, or child-like style (1 & 2).  You should see me drooling right now.

The other thing I'm addicted to (I'm almost, but not quite ashamed to admit) is temporary tattoos.  Yes.  I'm 25 years old.  Temporary tattoos.  Because four year olds can't have all the fun.  So, the obvious question: why not get a real tattoo?  Because I'm not a real badass.  I'm a temporary "badass". (?) 
Anyway, no matter what your age, I sincerely feel that there is a certain euphoric elegance about these temporary cat tattoos, designed by super talented illustrator Harriet Gray.       


  1. I'd be way to superstitious for this neighborhood if there were all those black cats! Love the little #5 pin!

  2. Lots of feline fabulousness.:) I like that cat zipper puch, looks really cool! But what about if you're a dog person, what do you do in that neighborhood?:)


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