Style Swipe No. 01 | Stella vs. Topshop

There's nothing quite like style fresh from the runway, but not everyone (read: hardly anyone) can drop thousands on beautiful designs.  Thus, a brand new new blog series called Style Swipe, where I'll share my favorite budget-savvy finds, inspired by high end ready-to-wear.  Yay!

black and white floral shorts, runway budget style

Coveted Specimen No. 1 - Stella McCartney's gorgeous black and white floral tailored shorts, $595  VS. Topshop's black and white floral tailored shorts, $70.  
how to wear floral shorts
You might think flowery shorts would only go with so many things in your wardrobe.  However, because these are tailored, and printed in classic black and white, their potential (and staying power) is nearly limitless.    
feminine  /  uniqlo sailor striped tee, $20  /  coach garden flower bib necklace, $498, similar by Betsey Johnson, $55  /  zara yellow shopper, $36  /  yoox leather espadrilles, $98  /  edgy  /  french connection leather tee, $150  /  samma flat cutouts ring, $58  /  swell leather studded fringe bucket bag, $50  /  madison harding heeled sandal, $259, similar by zara, $80
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  1. Love what you did here and looking forward to more! Very helpful in finding those looks we all covet :) I agree about the floral shorts, they are way more versatile than one would think!


  2. Thanks love! I've already got another one scheduled for Mondayyy...



  3. I love everything about this post. I'm heading to Los Angeles for the summer and I can't wait to go to TopShop!

    Alicia G.


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