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After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to implement a few branding changes to both StyleMachine and my illustration and design label, Rive Gauche Craft.  My goal is to present each brand in a more focused way, by giving them individually tailored online environments.   
Basically, I felt like things were getting just a tad jumbled.  I'd like to keep StyleMachine centered more closely around fashion, design, and personal style, while giving Rive Gauche Craft more of a voice from it's own platform.   
Going forward, I'll be posting my latest illustrations, designs, and RGC news at the new blog over here.  You can also follow the posts with bloglovin'.   
Don't Forget Facebook:  Previously, I used just one facebook fan page for both StyleMachine and RGC - which always sort of disgruntled me (organization monster right here).  After some tinkering with photoshop and with the help of Breanna Rose's app tutorial, I present to you a freshly revamped facebook page for Rive Gauche Craft and a brand new page for StyleMachine.   
Be sure to "like" them both, as they will feature completely different material. (Pssst...the RGC page will occasionally feature sale alerts and exclusive promo codes!)

A petite wrap-up: 


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