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How to wear summery bohemian prints, patterns, textures, embroidery, and tassels
Is there a formula to Bohemian dressing?  One might think not, as this style seems rather intuitive and impulsive (or slapdash - as my sister might say). 

For those of us with a hankering for eclectic pattern and print, but without the know-how, I say there is indeed a formula!  The real key to making this look work is balance.  You know, give-and-take.  With this look, pattern takes, so everything else must give.   

Style Guide  |  Bohemian Dressing

1.  Go wild with pattern  /  print  /  texture / vintage elements.  This includes embroidery, beading, eyelet, raffia, leather, flora & fauna motifs, you name it.

2.  Simple silhouettes only!  Patterns are high-energy elements, so keep everything else about this ensemble low-energy. The top in my ensemble is a basic tee shape, and the shorts are crisply tailored.  This keeps the patterned elements just wacky enough to be cool and eclectic instead of wacky-bizarre.   The fastest way to send this look down the toilet would be with too many frills or too much volume.  

3.  Keep color saturation low.  Balance clashing patterns by keeping colors mostly muted.  

4.  Restrict your color palette.  Choose just a couple of main colors for your look, so that they don't compete with the mix of patterns.  My main colors are blue and orange/red - they range between navy, royal blue, aqua, tangerine, vermilion, and light peach.    

5.  Invigorate the look by adding just one or two pops of bright color.  A bit of bright tangerine at the ears, balanced by a petite dash of vermilion red across the feet keeps this ensemble from getting too muddy.  The look ends up both playful and modern.

6.  Finishing Touches?  All you need is a fresh face and a sheer lip balm.    

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  1. I love everything about this outfit, especially the tassel sandals :) Although I think I'd go with a little more makeup.

    Lots of love,

  2. Sometimes it's hard to pull of this look without looking contrived. The pieces you picked are PERFECT though. I would wear this in a flash. Great tips. So true about the silhouettes!
    I'm DYING over that shirt!

  3. Amazing set. I love the Bohemian look. It makes me want summer to come so badly. The Isabel Marant set is really gorgeous. Isabel Marant comes every season with a lovely collection. The prints and fabrics are just amazing. I also love those shoes. They are absolutely amazing under a long white dress or under a lovely pair of jeans!

    TFD | The Fashion District

  4. Ooow that sandals! Just amazing!
    I wish I could find them here in our Zara...



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