Jugendstil Wonders

(Williamsburg only wishes it were this cool.)

Karen Elson channels Klimt's leading lady, Emilie Floge.
Karen Elson?  Or Emilie Floge? 

By far my favorite image at this moment.  What can I say? That I want everything I do and own to exude this kind of cheeky poetic lushness?  Not that I could get away with wearing this delicious velvet Poiret-esque enseble, but it most definitely calls for a re-interpreted style moment.  In front of a glorious mountain of hydrangeas, no less.

Karen Elson in layers of vintage florals, styled by Grace Coddington

Florals upon florals.  

channeling the glamour of the early 1900's

These cats are just too cool.

art nouveau inspired with velvet and hydrangeas, styled by Grace Coddington

Mountain of hydrangeas and velvet part II.  I'm so itching to do a photo shoot like this.

art nouveau inspired photo shoot with Karen Elson in a vintage diner, styled by Grace Coddington

Cool cats part II.  

photo shoot styled by Grace Coddington, two art nouveau inspired models on a garden path

I guess we just need more hydrangeas in Brooklyn.  

Gustav Klimt and his lover Emilie Floge in a row boat
Will the REAL Emilie Floge please stand up?

stylish painting of lady friend emilie by gustav klimt

Portrait of Emilie, painted by her man (and MY man) Gustav Klimt.

painting of the stylish judith, holding the severed head of holofernes, by Gustav Klimt

And Judith, because Klimt's interpretation of her is so stunning.

artist Gustav Klimt holding his cat

(This was one lucky kitty.)  And a fabulous man.

Fashion photos by Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by Grace Coddington for Vogue via DustJacket Attic

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