Party Like It's 1899 !

With a return to long dresses (albeit deflated), and an exhaustion of all other eras of dressing, the turn of the (20th) century looks fresher than ever.  

Claude Monet hit the nail on the head with his picturesque immortalization of the woman below with a straw hat and blue scarf:  

Claude Monet

This washy, airy chiffon dress and straw hat craves (aside from a nod to the 70's) a pastoral scene and petite garden path, painting below also by Claude Monet...

Claude Monet

There may be nothing more feminine than yards upon yards of fabric, billowed underneath a pretty dame.  Jessica Stam (above) demonstrates a modern version of this phenomenon.  John Singer Sargent (paintings below) loved his women and their soft, dreamy yards of excess.

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent

Are you craving a day at the park with a parasol yet?

all fashion photos via DustJacket Attic

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