Kooky Style Finds | Ichabod & Gaga Make A Baby

The more I plunder the Etsy marketplace, the more bizarre and and wonderful the little hand-crafted treasures become.  I've been so delighted with the variety and creativity of the little notions I've found, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters seem to hold my interest less and less. 
Ichabod Crane and Lady Gaga would be terribly pleased at my latest find....

Johnny depp as ichabod crane
Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane
Lady Gaga with a mermaid umbrella
Lady Gaga

I'm assuming you know where this is going.  But in case it isn't clear enough, remember the Alejandro video?

I. Cannot. Wait. Until. Lenscrafters. Catches. On.  Say hello to the new hipster.  The anti-hipster.  The "I-genuinely-don't-give-a-rat's-ass", baditude.  
Ray-bans are cool and everything, but they have prudish appeal at best compared to these bizarre and beautiful optical contraptions by Mann & Co.While Mann & Co advertises these as "Steampunk", I say wear them with your wholesome 1940's picnic clothes.  On your bicycle.  With something like these...

The Moody Bohemian Biker

steampunk goggles in black leather
Blackened Brass & Black Leather with Gears, $200
Altuzarra fall 2012 style

Altuzarra, Fall 2012

The Optimistic Bohemian
 At a Weekend Soiree?

Gold brass and brown leather steampunk goggles
Solid Brass & Brown Leather, $170

givenchy fall 2012 style

Givenchy, Fall 2012

Polished Conservative
And Closeted Style Kook

brass and brown leather steampunk goggles
Leather & Brass, $140

Gucci fall 2012 style
Gucci, Fall 2012

They've got the old-world, Victorian nerd appeal of Ichabod, and the striking shock appeal of Gaga.  All expertly hand crafted, using delicious leather and elegant metals. 
And if the price seems rather steep, remind yourself that all you need to justify the practicality of these little babies is a motorcycle, a chemistry lab, or a welding kit.  Yeah.  Switch the lenses out for all your different eyeball risking activities.  These things are deceptively functional.


  1. Not to dissuade anyone from using your small list of excuses to tell a spouse or significant other but these won't really work for riding a motorcycle. They narrow your field of vision far too much. I made something similar a while back that I couldn't really use. And welding goggles must block out a large range of light/radiation. So don't just use a torch lens or sun glasses lens.

    1. Firstly, major props for making your own pair, you renegade!
      Secondly, thank you, dear sir/madam for not only risking life and limb to test these out as moto goggles, but also for taking a moment to share these bits of insight.

      Indeed, some of us are blinded (<- you see what I did there?) by zeal in the moment. Another Darwin Award bites the dust!


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