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Forgive me for my absence.  I have been quite the bedraggled, caffeinated artist, holed up in my (very tiny) studio, creating some new things like this:

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How eccentric would it be to have friends over for tea, served in these strange and dainty ceramics?  A conversation starter, for sure.  Fear not - I couldn't stop myself from incorporating a good dose of classic flora into the mix.   

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For spring's Unearthed collection of housewares, stationery, and personal accessories, I drew inspiration from nature, particularly the regal silhouettes and elegant minimalist spartan nature of what some might call "grotesque" creatures.   
I can't help but appreciate their physical beauty, their strange little lives, and their handsome built-in weaponry.  I find them thoroughly enigmatic, to say the least.  They both terrify and fascinate me at the same time.  What's more, they become strangely feminine when re-colored in refreshing hues of fog and sea foam, and invigorated by a splash of masterful lapis lazuli blue.  
These items are really just a peek at what's to come for spring, but I did put a little sampling of them in the Rive Gauche Craft BOUTIQUE.
Have a gander at the Anastasia & Friends Gallery on Main St (Columbia, SC) this month- my original illustrations will be on display, and available for sale!  Everything will be reasonably priced, especially for holiday gifting. 
These illustrations are now available in the Print Shop and on a variety of decorative items in the Boutique. 
Oh, yes.  It's gift giving time!

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