I started this project called 'Rive Gauche Craft' a while back.  Like, a whiiiiiiiiiile back.  Embarrassingly far back.   
I'm happy (and terrified!) to say that I'm breathing life into it again.  Since last time, I've gotten a few life type things out of the way.  Now I'm ready to buckle up and FULL SPEED AHEAD.  (<--Omg that was so nerdy.)

Wait, let me make it nerdy-er.  


Please check back frequently for updates.  I'll be working on getting the website up and running, online shops filled with goodies, and lots more.  

I've been drawing, painting, and crafting like a madwoman!  I can't wait to show you what I've been working on.  I'll be taking photos of my new work this week, so hopefully things will be running in no time. 

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