The sense of smell is supposed to be one of the most powerful senses we have, as far as memory triggers are concerned.  Here's a glimpse at the world I'm transported to with my two favorite scents:

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Lancome Miracle  /  Clever, elegant, and happy!  Like hot air balloons over Paris.  This has been my fragrance for years.  Like, Since high school.  And I'm still not tired of it.  The scent is fresh, crisp, and floral.  Without being overly sweet.  Nowadays I wear either this or Sarah Jessica Parker's "Lovely" every single day.  It's like, intoxicating.

Foldable Star Sculptures   /  Photos by Hello Twiggs  &  Eye Poetry   

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Prada Infusion d'Iris  /  This updated version of Prada's classic fragrance is lighter and more modern than before, but still deep and velvety.  Like a whimsical Modern-Baroque hybrid wonderland, maybe. The scent is elegantly balanced - not too crisp and not too soft.  I wear this one more often in winter than in summer, plus whenever I go out at night.

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