Conundrums of Fashion Week

Firstly, I would like to say that I whole heartedly laud these ladies for their bravado.  This is the brand of chutzpah I aspire to have.  These are my favorite charmingly bizarre and gall inspiring street style moments of Fashion Week's Fall 2013 shows, shot by the infamous Tommy Ton. 
(My sister is going to read this and think that I am even crazier than she could ever have suspected, and that on second thought, this post doesn't surprise her that much).

ski goggles and patterned metallic wool sweater

It's a's a's a wacky pair of goggles!  
Worn with a metallic laced sweater with a pattern that somehow 
appropriately resembles the eyeball of a fruit fly.

black furry margiela coat over lingerie with satin turban

Pretty much naked under her Margiela coat.  
Though I'll admit, she clearly watched the weather report that morning. 

Paper bag waist skirt over leather pants

I like it!  What is it?

crazy color fur stole and dante's inferno

She's reading Dante's Divine Comedy.  
I wonder what level of hell that multi-colored fur thing puts her in?

black knit mask cap

Quasi hat-mask.  
Do not rob a bank in this.

where are her pants? sneakers and wine glass

Rules do not apply to this woman.  Period.

sheer lace skirt with black panties and nypd hoodie

I see London, I see France....
No seriously, this would be cool except for the sweatshirt thing.


Which of these looks would you be bold enough to wear?

I'm going with neo-Bettie Page in the villain-esque Margiela coat.

Photos 1- 5 via  /  Photos 6 - 8 via Tommy Ton's Tumblr


  1. I am in love with Hanne Gaby's style she is such a risk taker, but always looks amazing! love your blog! would love ou to check out mine!

    1. Love her as well - I'm sure I'll have to do a whole post on her at some point!


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