Modern / Retro + Black / White

spring, summer, black and white stripes, dots, and pattern

A classic color combination, modernized with edgy details, a bit of kitsch, and simple silhouettes.  These are pieces that can be carried effortlessly into spring and summer.  
My favorite: those sandals, actually.  A nice break from leather and florals that still pairs well with either.  Simple, graphic, and sleek. 
I'm dying to try: Leather tops, like this one by the European retailer, Monki - who sadly doesn't ship to the US.  But no worries; I keep seeing these minimalist leather tops and dresses crop up from various brands.  The only problem is finding an affordable version, though I'll bet Zara will take care of that in no time.   
1.  Volcom, $30  /  2.  Alex & Chloe, $35  /  3. Monki£45 (Available in Europe only) Similar, $50  /  4.  Alloy, $35  /  5.  Marni, $1,350, Similar, $545  /  6.  Marni, $950  /  7.  Delfina Delettrez, $430  /  8.  Alice + Olivia, $195

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