Fave Lady Bags For Spring

favorite delicate box bags and clutches, new for spring

My favorite picks of this season's most ladylike bags:  Frame purses, delicate chain shoulder straps, gold detailing, scallops, and applique.  I'm pretty much addicted to any bag with an envelope or very thin boxy shape.  Funny, since I can't fit half of my crap in those.   
Oh, the suffering! 
Wait, I'm kidding.  While I do feel rather naked and unprepared leaving the house without every business card I've ever been given and might happen to need, or a petite stash of bandaids, cough drops, and Airborne- just in case... this size purse is often (as much as I hate to admit it) really all I need.  Furthermore, I suspect the challenge of minimizing my arsenal of "just in case" is good therapy.  And I'm sure my shoulder thanks me. 
Regardless of all of those therapeutic benefits, I say the biggest win with these bags is the air of super-ultra-chic-ness that comes with effortlessly channeling bygone eras - you know, those eras when women knew how to dress.    

1  /  Botkier, $195  /  2  /  Kate Spade, $378  /  3  /  Reed Krakoff , $1,490  /  4  /  Madewell, $178  /  5  /  Calvin Klein Collection, now sold out  /  6  /   Forever 21, $24.80  /  7  /  Solomon Appollo, $141.50  /  8  /  The Row,$3,826  /  9  /  Dolce & Gabbana, $3,495  /  10  /  Perrine, $240

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