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I've just moved into a new place!  Now that I've got the cocktail table set up, the next order of business is the dreaded office. 
How to take all of my junk (sewing, design, painting, drawing, crafting gear) and make something both visually appealing and functional out of it?  The gazillion dollar question.  I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, but mostly just a burning desire to have a soothing work space and not be accosted by nonsensical lumps of stuff everywhere.    
I know, I know.  "Pics or it didn't happen."  Really, I'm pretty much a terrifying cyclone of organization.  Fear me, clutter.  Fear me.
Photos  via  /  Chic Sprinkles  /  Design*Sponge  /  Brunch at Saks  /  From Scandinavia With Love  /  Lolalina 


pretty office accessories shopping list

Channeling the gorgeous offices above: A dab of almost edible color paired with nature inspired (functional!) accessories against a backdrop of crisp white and loads of attractive (affordable!) storage.    
1  /  Design Within Reach Boxes  /  2  /  Ikea Tobias Chair  /  3  /  Pyrite and Amethyst Clusters  /  4  /  Ceramic Frenchie Stamp  /  5  /  Steel Basket   /  6  /  Stoneware Bowls  /  7  /  Repurposed Wood Frame  /  8  /  Poketo Colorblock Pens  /  9  /  Whitewashed Wood Bins  /  10  /  CB2 File Cabinet           
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  1. Such beautiful examples you found- it's hard to pick a favorite! I love a white kitchen, a white office and a white bathroom with more colorful accents especially.

    And I want a couple of those metal baskets!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Oh, and I highly recommend "street" shopping if you live in a city - I found a few of my favorite furnishings and knicknacks that way. Hop over to the "Soho" of your area on - yes - garbage day. There are glorious free finds to be rescued!


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